Cleardapp™ Connect

Cleardapp ™ Overview​

Cleardapp™ is the flagship SCS application, a general-purpose frictionless transaction solution built by SCS on Corda R3 DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) incorporating document encryption and ‘smart contracts’. Cleardapp™ is blockchain and smart contract middleware which shifts data-driven transaction approval to the blockchain, using consensus nodes to provide validation of the uniqueness of each transaction.Implemented on the Corda permissioned network, SCS takes full advantage of Corda’s position as the world’s largest enterprise blockchain provider to deliver rock-solid support and performance for its Cleardapp™ applications.

The Cleardapp Transact™ development path includes an AI/ML driven ‘Smart Contract Configurator’ which parses the content of real-world contracts and PO’s to provide the configuration parameters for a smart contract.

Cleardapp Transact™

Cleardapp Transact™ exploits the immutability and consensus verification capabilities offered by the secure Corda blockchain to eliminate the lengthy invoicing, approvals and payment process inherent in every supply chain. The Cleardapp Transact™ development path includes automated AI/ML-driven smart contract configuration and direct interaction with banks and PSPS’.

Cleardapp Connect™

Cleardapp Connect™ comprises a suite of custom API’s and native connectors to link Cleardapp Transact™ to the outside world of operational data, transactional metadata and ERP’s. Cleardapp Connect™ is a proxy API through which Cleardapp Transact™ interacts with established accounting/ERP services and operational data providers 

SCS Console™

SCS Console™ handles all aspects of node deployment and configuration. The console manages the node distribution binary and gives system administrators a real-time view of node health and network activity 

Product feature​

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