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SmartChainServices Ltd (SCS)

SmartChainServices Ltd (SCS)

We are a Cambridge UK-based start-up focused on the delivery of a general-purpose frictionless transaction solution using DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) and the blockchain. 

SCS was founded in June 2020, releasing the first instance of ClearDapp™, its flagship DLT/blockchain application, in November 2020.

In mid-2021, Stena Drilling entered into a minority shareholding with SCS to apply the power of the                                           to reducing and eventually eliminating the complex transactional components of the IADC drilling report and payment-for-rig-performance workflow.

Our Partners

Stena Drilling

As one of the world’s foremost independent drilling contractors, Stena Drilling are perfectly  positioned to fully exploit DLT & blockchain technology.

Rajang Digital Solutions

Offers innovative solutions for businesses, specializing in design, ideation, and fast implementation of technology supported by reliable DevOps services.

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Management Team


John Hanson


With over 40 years in the oil industry, starting as a wellsite data engineer for Geoservices in 1979, John founded Independent Data Services (IDS) in 1995 to deliver reporting and, later, data engineering and analytics services to operators and drilling contractors in the upstream sector.

An early adopter of both DevOps practices and the web, IDS software was re-written and deployed as a cloud native solution in 2001. Twenty years of continuous business development established IDS as the leading in-cloud provider of reporting and analytics services. 

In mid-2020, John turned his attention to the perennial problem of the payment cycle for data-driven services and performance-based contracts, establishing SmartChainServices (SCS) to build and deploy ‘Cleardapp’ – a transactional solution to replace the current PO/invoice paper-chase and approvals round-robin with a smart-contract validation and payment process deployed on a multi-node blockchain on the Corda R3 network.


William Kibbler


William has a background firmly rooted in fintech, having spent the majority of his career working on trade settlement software and platforms for domestic and international remittance.

Building on his interest in the fundamental role of blockchain in global markets, logistics and existing business processes and his position as a founding director of SCS, William has led the development of ClearDapp since its inception, delivering a system that links the real world of near and real time data with the emerging use-cases of frictionless transaction and settlement via smart contracts and the blockchain.

Get in touch

To find out more about our unique blockchain ‘from data to payment’ technology, contact us today!

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